Meal Prep Parties

We ask that participants arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of the workshop. The actual workshop takes about 2 hours from start to finish.

Meal Prep Parties are typically held on Saturday mornings from 10 AM-12 PM.

For GoPrep Private Parties & Baby Showers, we can generally accommodate any day of the week (Monday-Saturday) depending on our availability.

We are closed on Sundays so we don’t hold any Meal Prep Parties on that day.

Please bring a cooler on wheels, laundry basket or other large container to transport your meals home. The container/cooler will be HEAVY.

Please bring a hair elastic with you to avoid unfortunate meal time surprises.

I will have all the meal preparation utensils, aprons, and water.


These meals are meant to make your life easier. Children need to be “trained” to know they need to eat what is provided for dinner. Experts recommend serving them dinner and giving them the choice to eat or not, but informing them that other options will not be available. This gives them the control, prevents a power struggle, and lets them know there will be a consequence to not eating: hunger.
Over at Yummy Toddler Food Amy shares this great infographic with some useful tips:
If they don’t eat and are begging for dessert or snacks right after dinner, remind them they chose not to eat and because they didn’t they are now hungry and grumpy. Show them that mom, dad, brother or sister ate and are happy and comfortable. Make them wait as long as you can (30 min for toddlers, 1-2 hours for older children) until a snack is offered; it’s ok to let them feel hungry. The keyword here is “snack”. This should not be another meal or the meal you offered them at dinner time. Do not use dessert or treats as a reward.
Most of the meat used needs to be shredded before serving. Remove the meat from the crockpot and shred. After doing so it will be dry and somewhat bland. All cooking instructions recommend placing the meat back in the juice in the crockpot to allow moisture and flavor back into the meat. If you have picky eaters, leave some meat out after shredding it. This might be more appealing to children who have aversions to strong flavors.
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We are happy and able to make substitutions for a variety of dietary needs. Please include that information when you’re registering in the “Allergies or Dietary Restrictions” box. We are able to accommodate the following diets: dairy free, egg free, gluten free, vegetarian, tree nuts/peanuts, tomato free, apple free, vegan, and a variety of other lifestyles at this time. If a member of your family has severe allergies please contact us directly so we can work together to accommodate your family’s needs. If you have a specific question or concern please reach out to us on our “Contact” page.

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After the Meal Prep Party you will find your meals’ cooking instructions and nutrition fact information in your email inbox. If you’re having trouble finding it search “goprepmeals@gmail.com” or “cooking instructions” or “GoPrep”.

All meals are cooked in the pressure cooker or slow cooker.

Follow recommended cooking instructions found on GoPrep’s cooking instructions to cook your meals in the pressure cooker.

When cooking GoPrep’s freezer meals in the slow cooker they tend to taste best if they are cooked on the lower heat setting for shorter range of time recommended (ex. if it’s recommended to cook on low for 6-8 hours they’ll taste best if cooked on low for 6 hours).

However, if you’re in a pinch you can cook them on high for 3-4 hours.

No matter how you cook the meals please check the internal temperature of the food before consuming. Proper temperature ranges for various meats are found on the cooking instruction card.

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If you are storing them in a deep freezer place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper until they are frozen. Once frozen remove the cookie sheet. Reuse the parchment paper between the meals to prevent them from freezing together.

If storing in a typical fridge/freezer combo appliance, they can still freeze together. However most often they will freeze to the wire rack in your freezer so you can’t get them out of the freezer. To prevent this, place GoPrep meals on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper until frozen. Once frozen remove the cookie sheet.

Freeze them upright, in a “clump” so they will fit in your pressure cooker without needing to be thawed first.

Remember always thaw meals in the fridge overnight that will be cooked in a slow cooker.

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Properly stored GoPrep’s freezer meals generally stay good in the freezer for about 3 months. The quality starts to decline after that.


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If you have pets we ask that you dust, vacuum, mop, and remove all pet products from the area where we will be prepping food. Pets must be outside or in a room with a closed door (i.e. no pet gates) for the duration of set up, the event, and clean up.

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There is a a flat $20 fee for events that take place more than 15 miles from our North Phoenix location (19th Ave & Bell Rd).

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Due to the limited number of spaces we have we ask that you only bring yourself to the Meal Prep Party.

If your mom/friend/spouse wants to attend our Meal Prep Party, they need to reserve a spot. They can do so by completing our registration information form and by processing payment. The same applies for children over the age of 16. If there are no spots left for the class date they will be unable to attend.

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed at our Meal Prep Parties.

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If you cannot attend the Meal Prep Party, you may send someone in your place to assemble your meals (must be 16 years or older).

Cancellations and date changes must be made 3 business days before your Meal Prep Party date. Cancellations made less than 3 business days before to the Meal Prep Party date will NOT be refunded.

You may change your Meal Prep Party registration to the preassembled meals pick up. This must be done before the 15th of the month (for same month meal pick up) AND 3 business days before the initial Meal Prep Party date. Changing your registration to the preassembled meals option, will incur an additional charge of $60.

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Gifting GoPrep freezer meals can provide relief for a mama that has a lot on her plate (figuratively), provide comfort to those in need, and be great to share with a friend or a stranger.

If you’d like to purchase a spot in a workshop or a bundle of preassembled meals on behalf of someone you care about please make a note of that (i.e. GIFT) in the “Allergies Dietary Restrictions” box during registration.

If you purchase a spot in a workshop for someone ***MAKE SURE SOMEONE LOCALLY (can be the gift receiver) WILL ATTEND ON BEHALF OF THE PERSON RECEIVING GOPREP AS A GIFT****

We send the cooking instructions digitally to the participant email used at registration. If you need to share the cooking instructions you may forward them to the receiver of the gift.

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Cooking instruction cards are sent via email as a PDF.

If can’t find your GoPrep cooking instruction cards try searching your email’s inbox or your spam folder. Search “goprepmeals@gmail.com” or “GoPrep” or “cooking instructions” and you should be able to find them.

If you’re still unable to find them please contact us and we can resend the to the email you use in the contact us form.

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