Meal Prep Parties for Busy Moms

Are you SO tired of cooking dinner for your lovely, but thankless critics?Sick of feeling like a “bad mom” because you’re not living up to that IG standard of making perfect dinners every night? Is your budget suffering because takeout is often a better option? Wanting to find your “tribe” here in AZ? Let GoPrep handle it, we tout social-productivity at it’s finest.

To attend a meal prep party select which month you’d like to attend and complete registration.

Socializing not really your thing? That’s cool. We offer preassembled meals just for you. For preassembled meals select the month you’d like to pick your meals up.

Maybe you’re looking for a crazy, fun, kidless GNO that doesn’t leave you feeling gross the next day. Let GoPrep help simply select a day your party and fill out the request.

Throwing a baby shower and looking for the perfect activity? We do that too! Say “Bye, Felicia” to eating melted candy bars out of diapers and say HELLO to the perfect, useful gift for the mom-to-be.

Grocery shopping with screaming kids and doing lots of dishes after dinner is sounding pretty appealing right now….said no one ever. Sign up below.