I have a picky child, what should I do?

These meals are meant to make your life easier. Children need to be “trained” to know they need to eat what is provided for dinner. Experts recommend serving them dinner and giving them the choice to eat or not, but informing them that other options will not be available. This gives them the control, prevents a power struggle, and lets them know there will be a consequence to not eating: hunger.
Over at Yummy Toddler Food Amy shares this great infographic with some useful tips:
If they don’t eat and are begging for dessert or snacks right after dinner, remind them they chose not to eat and because they didn’t they are now hungry and grumpy. Show them that mom, dad, brother or sister ate and are happy and comfortable. Make them wait as long as you can (30 min for toddlers, 1-2 hours for older children) until a snack is offered; it’s ok to let them feel hungry. The keyword here is “snack”. This should not be another meal or the meal you offered them at dinner time. Do not use dessert or treats as a reward.
Most of the meat used needs to be shredded before serving. Remove the meat from the crockpot and shred. After doing so it will be dry and somewhat bland. All cooking instructions recommend placing the meat back in the juice in the crockpot to allow moisture and flavor back into the meat. If you have picky eaters, leave some meat out after shredding it. This might be more appealing to children who have aversions to strong flavors.